Culture of Care

Culture of Care

The protection, wellbeing and safety of children and young people is everyone’s responsibility. We provide all staff with appropriate training and encourage the recognition, reporting and recording of all concerns. We promote a proactive safeguarding culture, professional curiosity and our duty of care.


Our school is supported by robust safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures which ensures consistency of practice. Our Safeguarding Lead and supporting Safeguarding Teams are committed to ensuring that policy becomes practice on a day to day basis in school. They are always available to listen to concerns or worries raised by students, staff and parents.


Our schools our inclusive and we welcome diversity in our children and families. We value the principles of respect, tolerance, and anti-discrimination. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying and child on child abuse, whilst recognising that negative behaviours, friendship challenges and poor choices are present as students take their path to adulthood.


Our commitment to care extends beyond the school campus, ensuring that our safeguarding practices are embedded in our extended curriculum, in after school activities, school trips, visits and exchange programmes.

Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment is our first step in promoting our culture of care and our commitment to the international best practices of safer recruitment. As part of that, we are committed to implementing strategies to ensure that we recruit adults who are appropriate to work with our students. All staff recruited are subject to agreed identity, qualifications and reference checks as a minimum. In addition, we undertake background screening and social media checks and all contracts are conditional until our standards have been met. We also ensure that our recruiting staff have attended safer recruitment training.


We are committed to achieving diversity in our staff and welcome applications from people from all communities, with different backgrounds, skills and abilities.

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